Where Our Editors Are Going On Summer Vacation This Year

Sebastian Schoellgen

‘My summer starts every year in July in the South of France, at the iconic Riviera Auberge La Colombe d’Or in the hilltop town of Saint-Paul-de-Vence. There is no beach access, the rooms are understated at its best. There’s nothing new, decidedly modern or accommodating about it, and it couldn’t be more delightful, inspirational, and enriching. It might just be the best way to spend your summer days - if you can get a reservation that is. Find out more about La Colombe d’Or. I am also excited to check out the new Hotel du Couvent in Nice, a quick drive from Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

Later in August, my eyes are on the Greek Islands: Milos (Check out Skinopi Lodge), Sifnos, and Serifos.’

Yana Riabtsun

‘This summer, I am excited to explore some new places in France. I haven't been yet to Marseille, and July seems like the perfect time to check it out. I’ve heard so many Parisians love it because of the great food, amazing restaurants, and beautiful surroundings. Can’t wait to dive into the local cuisine and hit the beach!

In August, I'm planning to take it more easy and explore a few of the charming little French towns in the south. Arles is high on my list – I’m eager to wander around its historic streets and soak up the art scene, especially anything related to Van Gogh. Then there's Camargue - a perfect region for nature lovers with its stunning landscapes, pink flamingos, and wild horses.’

Lauren Taylor

‘I’ll be spending much of my time in Paris and treating the city like a staycation, by trying out more of the city's best restaurants, exploring new neighborhoods, the museums and trying to improve my French. For weekends, I’ll look forward to little jaunts throughout the country. Top of my list is Bordeaux - before it gets too hot - as there’s a high-speed train that gets you there in a little over 2 hours. It’s an elegant city with bustling restaurants and the sea breeze that will make wine tasting and strolling a delight in June or July. Not far from Bordeaux is the beachside inlet, Cap Ferret, to snag some time on a boat and in the water without the crowds of the Côte d’Azur. Two other spots not to miss that are closer to the city - Le Doyenné and D’une île. Farm and foodie focused to reground.’

Read more about Cap Ferret here.

Lassi Martikainen

‘I’ll be kicking off my holidays in Capri, in Anacapri to be specific, the quieter and more relaxed side of the island. As summers in Italy have become so hot in the past years, I try to stay far from the cities and close to the sea. One of my favorite places in Italy is a little town called Atrani — where the new Mr. Ripley series was filmed — located on the Amalfi Coast. For the past five summers, we have been staying in this lovely family-owned property that is a piece of paradise — with its beautiful hidden gardens, rocky steps, private direct access to the sea, and kind-hearted service.’

Read more about Capri here.

Marc Kosberg

‘We just got back from Monte Argentario with some incredible days of sun, sea, and Dolce far Niente. Later this summer we’re going to Portugal and the Atlantic Coast around Cap Ferret and Bordeaux while checking out some new properties.’

Read more about Monte Argentario here.

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