A Guide To Scandinavia's On Trend Capital Copenhagen

There’s a certain magic to Copenhagen that captivates you the moment you set foot in this Scandi capital. The sight of smiling cyclists with windswept blonde hair, the tantalising aroma of cardamom buns wafting through the air—it all feels like stepping into a picturesque snow globe. With a burgeoning fashion scene, avant-garde dining labs, and the world's oldest amusement park, this city, just one-tenth the size of London, quickly envelops you in the warm embrace of 'hygge.'

From where to stay, dine, and awaken your cultural taste buds, 84 Rooms guides you through Copenhagen's vibrant neighbourhoods, from the 'see and be seen' district of Nyhavn to the trendy hub of Torvehallerne, one locale at a time.

Where to Stay

Are you channelling your inner @Pernille Teisbaek or @Sophia Roe?

For those who revel in leisurely lunches with friends, spontaneous nightcaps that turn into unforgettable nights, or celebratory bubbles during fashion week, Hotel Sanders is your go-to. Check in, and let the enchantment begin.

Where to Eat

The fine dining checklist begins at Noma, where a true foodie might consider securing their reservation before their airfare. This 17-course wow-factor restaurant on the isle of Christiania is sure to push your culinary comfort zone with beetle crisps and smoked duck fat delicacies. Reimagined as an experimental food lab during the pandemic, Noma continues to celebrate its innovative spirit with international collaborations.

Making a mark in its own right, trace your carbon impact (and count your steps) as you climb the spiral staircase to the panoramic views and exquisite dishes at Geranium. Located on the 8th floor of chef Rasmus Kofoed’s central Copenhagen restaurant, Geranium’s meat-free tasting menu is sourced exclusively from organic and biodynamic Scandinavian farms. Dishes like ‘forest mushrooms with beer’ and salted herring with algae epitomise farm-to-table dining and have earned the restaurant an unprecedented three Michelin Stars in Denmark.

For a charming everyday spot, visit Sonny's Flagship on Rådhusstræde. Owned by David and Sara, this café transitions seamlessly from coffee shop to wine bar. Enjoy Instagrammable tablescapes with Danish pastries, open-faced sandwiches, and seasonal salads. The fashion crowd loves it, and by the time you leave, the family-like team will be treating you like a regular.

Craving something sweet and spicy? Rent a bike and head to residential Østerbro to savor Juno the Bakery's famed cardamom buns. Spearheaded by former Noma pastry chef Emil Glaser, her hot-out-of-the-oven classics are worth the wait (though do queue early on primetime Saturday morning).

‘Pompette’, meaning ‘tipsy’ in Danish, is your one-stop wine bar, offering a curated selection of natural wines to have in or take away by local sommelier Martin Ho. Enjoy seasonal pairings like citrus dressed burrata and savory charcuterie boards in this no-reservations, no-nonsense spot here to prove that good, low-impact wine doesn’t have to break the bank.

Elevate your small-plates experience at Ancestrale, a modern-European semi-casual restaurant offering something for everyone. The ‘six flavor pairings’ unveiled each Tuesday present seasonal Danish flavors curated by sommelier and chef Johann Duedahl Jacobsen. Those lingering after the main service might even enjoy a boogie by the kitchen.

When winter chills set in, cozy up at sister spots Ved Stranden 10 and Admiralgade 26. Locals call this 1796 townhouse ‘the tranquil corner of Copenhagen,’ where locals conjure up weekly ‘Guest Series’ from read-aloud to game nights. Trust owners Sebastian and Chris to point the palette and melt into plush red sofas like a regular over a fine vintage.

For a proper date night, or celebratory luncheon see and be seen on the central square of Nyhavn, make a reservation at Esmee. The Belle Epoque-inspired restaurant spearheaded by Chef Andreas Bagh brings to life what one might parallel to a Danish brasserie. Highlights from the truffle gougéres and sashimi with Icelandic wasabi pair well with their signature caviar martini – though leave room for dessert, as the frozen fruit soft serve is the perfect palette cleanse.

A visit to Copenhagen is simply incomplete without experiencing Apollo Bar… and their whipped butter and bread. Nestled within the intimate courtyard of the Royal Danish Academy of Art, this upscale canteen offers an enchanting atmosphere where time seems to stand still. Here, afternoon aperitivos effortlessly blend into indulgent moments. Be sure to check out the courtyard's summer program, featuring vibrant jazz festivals, bustling flea markets, and an array of other delights, ensuring that every visit is uniquely memorable.

Plan a half-day trip to the bustling food halls of Reffen (when weather permits) or Torvehallerne: where the food tourism journey turns into the ‘view and do.’ From your Grade, A beef patty putting the association of ‘fast food’ to shame to local fish pâtés and produce, a pass-by is more of a social shop in the quaint city center.

Where to Visit

With its thriving fashion, design, and cultural scenes, dedicate a day to wandering inner Vesterbro on foot. Start at the acclaimed design gallery Etage Projects and visit Lot 29. Explore the town’s gender-fluid appeal with under-the-radar Scandi designers at boutiques like STORM, Wood Wood, and Norse Projects. Interior aficionados must visit Designmuseum Denmark to admire its collection of over 100 iconic Danish chairs and soak in the rich history of leading Danish talents from Fritz Hansen to Georg Jensen. A day trip to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, with its stunning outdoor sculpture park and gallery featuring pieces by Moore, Calder, and Heerup, is just a thirty-minute drive from the city and not to be missed.

Etage Projects Starting with acclaimed design gallery Etage Projects, explore internationally renowned curator Maria Foerlev’s exploration of ‘cross-aesthetic method.’ You will leave with a checklist of new designers on your radar from her keen eye for new wave artists like Dutch-Kiwi designer Sabine Marcelis to goldsmith Jo Riis-Hansen and multidisciplinary artist Karl Monies. ©Peter Boel

Lot 29, nestled on Gothersgade exudes a cosmopolitan charm with its curated blend of local and international fashion. Co-founded by Danish designers Cecilie Kølpin and Line Hallberg, this boutique seamlessly combines their unique clothing and jewelry designs with handpicked pieces from New York and Italy. Guest edits by global influencers like Vanessa Hong during fashion week keep the offerings fresh and internationally inspired​.

STORM Discover Copenhagen's fashion-forward side at STORM, an eclectic boutique offering cutting-edge designs and rare finds. With a stand-out, curated mix of international luxury brands, avant-garde fashion, and art books, this destination is a haven for discerning shoppers and a danger to the return luggage capacity. Each visit promises unique finds and inspiration for the style-savvy.

Wood Wood Continue your style journey at Wood Wood, a hub for contemporary streetwear with a Scandinavian twist. This boutique, founded by Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen, blends high fashion, sportswear, and youth culture into a seamless collection. Expect collaborations with global brands like Nike, Adidas, and Champion, as well as their innovative designs.

Norse Projects Renowned for minimalist, high-quality clothing epitomizing ‘Danish cool,’ the boutique founded in 2004 is a must-visit on each trip to gauge the current style cues in town. Highlighting pieces that blend functionality and style, featuring collaborations with designers like Geoff McFetridge and artists such as James Jarvis are the on-the-bike off-the-bike timeless pieces. Keep a radar for their coveted Nunk jackets, Aros chinos, and Fjord Merino sweaters in new colorways each season.

Tivoli Gardens offers a sense of nostalgia of an older world, inspired by the King of Denmark’s commission for the iconic amusement park in 1843. Featuring beautifully landscaped gardens, the ‘Demon Ride; for the thrill seeker, and an ongoing live performance schedule throughout summer, there is something for everyone in the family.

Come hungry, pack light, and buckle up in Copenhagen.

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