Checking In: Susanne Kaufmann’s Post Bezau Hotel

The Location

Bezau is a small village, in the northern Austrian alps, about 2 hours from Zurich. The village is small but equipped with necessities and nearby to many other picturesque villages and only 5 minutes to a large resort, Mellau.

The Wellness Facilities

There are two main spas - the treatment spa and the wellness spa. The treatment spa has a wide variety of services, depending on the program you are doing or can be tailored to your individual needs. Upon entering the wellness spa, you’ll find a stunning gently warm lap pool, followed by two smaller differing temperature whirlpool and dipping pools. There’s multiple dry saunas also of varying temperatures and many relaxation rooms to accompany your stay.

The Programs

The Susanne team has thoughtfully designed their packages and retreats in the same pride they create their products. Our team tried both the detox program and the non-detox program and were equally delighted with each offering. The detox program centers on a intentionally-designed food program for resetting your system and is paired with excellent treatments and light activities, such as a fascia massage, Qi Gong (movements and stretches to release tension) and a wellness facial. The detox program is offered for 3, 5 or 7 days. Each program can be tailored based on dietary and physical restrictions, but by following their lead, you can achieve deeper lasting results. The program includes take home gifts with products, recipes, and practices that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine to continue the Susanne Kaufman wellness methodology.

The Treatments

Our team enjoyed various spa treatments from a gentle Detox Facial Massage which targets lymphatic drainage, skin hydration and overall complexion, and The Detox Body Massage which focuses on deep tissue muscle, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage. All treatments align with Susan Kauffman’s TCM approach for full body detoxification and rejuvenation.

The Rooms

Calm, clean and serene, the minimal yet spacious rooms are equipped with Susanne Kaufman products and necessities for your stay. A large tub for night soaking or showering, a foot bath, comfortable beds and a sofa to relax or work as needed. Floor to ceiling windows with a balcony for enjoying the mountain air complete the relaxing stay.

The Food

All of the programs offer holistic nutrient-dense seasonal food from local purveyors and gardens. The menus change daily and are based on your program of choice. Our team tried both the detox menu and the regular menu. Your day starts with making your own juice (celery, ginger, apple, beet, etc) and enjoying the prepared menu of wholesome grains, vegetables and eggs, or enjoying a la carte and from the natural grains and fresh breads and jams. On the detox menu, your start to the day will include a ginger tea, low-sodium vegetable broth, followed by a wholegrain housemade bread, a poached egg and vegetables, and the winter house signature juice of beetroot, carrot and celery (our favorite as well). The non-detox dinner includes a 5-course beautifully prepared menu with suggested wine pairings and optional additions. Jan, the on-site nutritionist, guides you through understanding the properties approach to health through food and can work with you to obtain specific goals during your stay and after. While it is suggested to follow the special menus for any of the retreats, coffee, wine, dairy and breads are always available, as are vegan or other dietary options.

What differentiate it to other Wellness Resorts?

The staff are extremely well-trained offering state of the art services and use Susanne Kaufman products, that are locally created from the highest quality ingredients.

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