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  • The historic Villa Gminder, with its neo-Gothic vaults and a large terrace overlooking the lake, is home to the Pinus restaurant. Four modern new buildings surround the listed villa. With their dark-glazed spruce facades and green canopy roofs, they blend into the lakeside landscape. They are named after members of the famous Zeppelin family: Haus Ferdinand, Haus Helena, Haus Isabella and Haus August. The detached buildings will house a total of 62 rooms.

Wellness & Spa

  • The building next to the orchard will house the sauna area with its own park entrance and a fitness room with modern equipment.

Wine & Dine

  • The cuisine at Restaurant Pinus has a clear vegetarian focus. It is based on the principles of Slow Food and aims to use locally produced food as completely as possible, from root to leaf and from nose to tail. The menu focuses on the principle of sharing - with different components served at the same time. The classical order of dishes is abandoned. Plant products are allowed to play the main role, with meat in a supporting role. The beverage menu focuses on low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, such as teas, fermented essences and herbal extract drinks, as well as wines and spirits from Lake Constance.

Our Favourite: The Location

  • The hotel is one of the few hotels on Lake Constance which is located directly on the shore and therefore has its own access to the lake. There is no road or public path in between. The surrounding four-hectare park also makes the Seegut Zeppelin a retreat that creates ideal conditions for rest and relaxation.


  • The hotel's special location in the middle of a nature reserve means that it has an even greater responsibility towards the surrounding nature. For example, it is ensured that the shore area is only moderately frequented during the season and, in particular, that the peace of the wild birds that spend the winter in Fischbacher Bucht is not disturbed. The eastern part of the park is separated by a hedge of wild shrubs and is reserved for flora and fauna.


  • Lakeside chic.


  • Rooms start at EUR 160 per night.
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Local Guide


  • Take a morning tour with one of the rowing boats from the hotel's own boatyard.

  • You can walk from Fischbach via the King's Path to the town of Friedrichshafen, right on the lake.

  • Wine tastings are available at the nearby wineries Aufricht, Kress or Schmidt.

  • Don't miss the wine and apple trail between Immenstaad and Hagnau.

  • Fischbach is the ideal starting point for excursions to Switzerland, Vorarlberg or the Lake Constance backland. You could spend your day in four countries: Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Germany.

  • The lake offers many activities during summer months such as surfing, wakeboarding, canoeing and sailing.

When to Go

  • The hotel is open all year round. Summer

How to Get There

  • The local airport 'Friedrichshafen' is only a 15-minute drive from the hotel. The international airport of Zurich is 1 1/2 hour's drive.
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