The Voyager With Michael Grosman

The Place I Can't Wait to Travel to in 2023:

Copenhagen. A gastronomic restaurant tour!

The Destination that Impressed Me Most in 2022 (and Why - Where Did You Stay, Eat, etc.)

Iceland. We went there for a popup at Skal Restaurant, where we created a menu with the local products and the emotions we felt on the island. It was between fire and ice. Volcano and ocean. Just an amazing place!

The One Thing I Never Fail to Do/See in a New Destination?

The burger place in town! I always look for the burger joint! I'm ok with it :) It's simply my habit!

The One Item I Take on All My Travels:

My kids! And my best smile!

My Secret for An Airline Upgrade:

My fake birthday wedding date! It worked one time for a trip from Paris to Mexico. Ended up taking off in the cockpit and enjoyed business class the whole trip!

Sustainable Travel Means to Me:

Eat local, drink local, don’t use other products that you wouldn’t find in the local markets… we follow these rules, even when with my family or others don’t. So for us, there is no other way to travel.

My Favorite Restaurant in the World:

Table Bruno Verjus. I’m close to Bruno and the more simple [the dish], can actually be the more complicated [the process]. This chef and dear friend is the inspiration for my ‘cuisine’ and he is probably one of the best chefs I have ever met in my life!

The Best Wine/Drink I Had During a Lockdown:

Well, 2 options on that one! We stayed open for the wine shop so we re-tasted and re-tasted and re-tasted our entire wine selection! Some hints.. The best one was Maison Stephan Côté Rôtie Les Tupins. The very drinkable one was Cristal, Vandal Wine by my best winemaker RAF!!!

My Favorite Travel App:

No travel app! Just my wife with me, taking care of almost everything :)

My Perfect Sunday at Home:

I work on Sundays! No time to rest but if I have time I stay with my wife and my kids, and this is the best time of my life!

Michael Grosman, Restaurant Owner, Les enfants du marché.

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