The Voyager With Racil Chalhoub

The Place I Can't Wait to Travel to in 2023:

Cuba has always been on my list of places to visit. I am craving a fun trip where I can get immersed in the culture and vibe of the place. I have a feeling that Cuba with its music, drinks, and colorful cars won't disappoint.

The Destination that Impressed Me Most in 2022 (and why - where did you stay, eat, etc):

Jaipur! I Travelled there in March to celebrate Holi, also known as the festival of colors. It is a traditional Indian holiday marking the beginning of spring. Being immersed in a local tradition made my trip ever so special. I stayed at the Raj Mahal and absolutely loved it.

The One Thing I Never Fail to Do/See in a New Destination?

I like to get a map as soon as arrive to get my bearings and try to understand where everything is around me. Then I always need to try traditional cuisine or signature dishes/drinks.

My Secret for an Airline Upgrade:

A big smile :)

My Favourite Restaurant in the World:

The Roppongi Inakaya in Tokyo It is the most wholesome and fun dining experience. The seating is around a giant U shape bar, the chefs are all kneeling in the back and the food is all in front of you- you point at what you feel like having and they will grab it with sort of giant chopsticks and cook it right there in front of you. It is fun but also incredibly delicious!

The One Item I Take on All My Travels:

It used to be a camera, but now that has been replaced by my phone. I always pack a large pashmina that I use as a blanket on flights, my safe hugs hoodie, a medicine pouch, and cozy PJs.

The Best Wine/Drink I Had During Lockdown:

I developed a liking for delicious Italian red wines (which I didn't have pre-lockdown!)

My Favorite Travel App:

Kayak to find the best flights.

My Perfect Sunday at Home:

Wake up, have coffee in bed with a pile of fashion magazines, put on a chilled playlist, cook brunch, and just hang out with friends popping in and out for coffee throughout the day.

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