A Guide To The Swiss Village Of Rougemont

A Guide To The Swiss Village Of Rougemont

Contributor Lauren Taylor takes you to Rougemont, voted as one of Switzerland’s most beautiful and authentic villages, located in the French-speaking part of the Gstaad valley and surrounded by the Bernese mountains.

/ Lauren

A Jewel in the Gstaad Valley

Bonjour, my name is Lauren, after 10 years of living in New York City, where I worked in tech, fashion, and hospitality, I decided to move to the Swiss Alps during the lockdown. I’m cooking Swiss seasonal cuisine, hiking, and working on exciting new projects to make the world better. Today, let’s take a fall tour of my new hometown. I hope you enjoy and come visit in 2023.

Welcome to Rougemont, voted as one of Switzerland’s most beautiful and authentic villages, located in the French-speaking part of the Gstaad valley and surrounded by the Bernese mountains.

Where to Eat & Stay

First, upon arriving in town, you’ll see a few of my favorite restaurants. Le Cerf offers authentic dining, which some people say is the best fondue & raclette in the world (I concur!).

La Trattoria is delicious for some homemade pasta and Italian wine; the entrecote is excellent too, friends say, but I’m mostly vegetarian. Hotel Valrose has impeccable Alpine rooms, designed by Gstaad’s tasteful Rougemont Interiors team and a great indoor vibe, and in the warmer months, grab a spot outside and a glass of swiss white.. an aperitivo or weekend afternoon well spent.

Hotel de Rougemont is tied as the most luxurious hotel in town with a wonderful spa, two restaurants, and an even better view.

Many of the chalets are well designed to limit the amount of gas and electric energy used, and many more are now adding solar panels to their homes and land to power as naturally as possible. Another reason I love Switzerland.

What to See

Don't miss a visit to the Art Kiosk, book, and concept store in Rougemont. They offer design and architecture books, and also cool exhibitions.

Local Produce

While here, I can eat as local as possible and try my best to take advantage of the purveyors, farmers, and fresh finds. I believe that eating local and seasonal is both healthier and better for the environment. If you have the luxury to do so, please do as it supports your community, lowers your carbon footprint, and is better for your body.

I made friends with a neighbor that produces honey and liquors right in town. Produce upon request with the neighbor, so if you come here, DM me about it.

Fromagerie Fleurette: One of Switzerland’s top award-winning productions, a must-visit during your stay, is right here in town. You will always find fresh sheep, goat, and cow cheeses, milk, and yogurts in my fridge, along with some local herbs, seasonal produce, and apple juice.


If the weather is good, we go on a hike. There are endless different routes to take, and always discover beautiful new chalets or vegetable gardens each time. This town enjoys some of the most sunshine compared to the neighboring ones.


Rougemont has its ski resort, the gondola takes you up to La Videmanette (2153m) and is connected to Gstaad, ski season runs from mid-December to mid-March. The Glacier 3000 is open from early November to May, roughly 20 minutes by car. For the perfect ski equipment, head to Silver Sport from our friend and Gstaad local Lorenz, right opposite the Valrose hotel.

Royal Heritage

Back in 1976, Princess Diana at the age of 16 attended the exclusive Chateau D'Oex finishing school in Rougemont, before heading back to London. Nowadays it's a Collège Primaire.

How to Get to Rougemont

Fly into Geneva, and from there take the train to Rougemont (2 1/2h), if you’re lucky you catch the Belle Epoque train. Its famous neighbor Gstaad is only a 5 minutes drive away.