An Insider’s Guide To Megève

Back in the early 1900s, the Rothschild family made Megève a fashionable ski resort. Even Brigitte Bardot came to Megève in 1959 to spend her second honeymoon with Jacques Charrier. Now, decades later the picturesque village in the mountains of Savoie is still one of the classiest places to ski with great restaurants, lovely bars and cozy hotels. We spoke to Antoine Philiber, who has been living in Megève for many years. Here he shares his favourite haunts around the French Ski resort.

Where to Eat

La Dame de Pic – Le 1920

Of course, La Dame de Pic – Le 1920 is my first choice. For an experience at Lunch on the weekend (you can directly come from the slopes) or for a great dinner, the restaurant will offer you a fantastic experience. Set Menu, A la Carte, wine pairing, nonalcoholic pairing, and a Wine Menu with 3000+ references. The restaurant is in the Four Seasons Megève, Mont d’Arbois. Lunch (weekend) & Dinner.

Le Bistrot de l’Alpag

Le Bistrot de l’Alpaga is a great place for a scenic view, and a drink next to the outside fire before your dinner. You’ll have access to fresh Cuisine, with a local wine selection quite well picked. Lunch & Dinner.

Le Refuge du Calvaire

Le Refuge du Calvaire is a little retreat on the way to Le Mont d’Arbois. With comfy food and a friendly environment, you can even enjoy the terrace when the weather’s nice. A little walk up from the village is possible. Lunch & Dinner.

Les Grands Crus de Fondue

Les Grands Crus de Fondue located near the Center, in the M de Megève Hotel, this place is an experience. Indeed, it would be a fondue as you probably never had, with selected cheese at your convenience.

Les Fermes de Marie

Les Fermes de Marie is a bit more exclusive, either you sleep there to make sure to have a table, or you are lucky. You will have comfy Mountain food, with a great Dessert buffet, like back in the day. One of the most authentic places in Megève. Dinner.

Tea Time

Four Seasons

Four Seasons created by Jonathan Chapuy, Executive Pastry Chef of the Hotel and for La Dame de Pic – Le 1920 *, the Teat Time in Four Seasons Hotel is made of Master Pieces, with the following motto: make it Tasty, no Sweet. With a Glass of Champagne or Hot Chocolate, come and enjoy the treat on the weekend only.

Le Soleil d’Or

Le Soleil d’Or is very cozy, you will feel at grandma’s place, where hot chocolate is cooked in front of you. Enjoy a rich and fruitful Tea Time at Soleil d'Or

Where to Drink

La Ferme Saint-Amour

La Ferme Saint-Amour is the place to be for an experience. The party was great, the dancing was nice, and the music was good. Not easy to get a table, or to get in without one. This is the most qualitative place in town for the party.


Chacha is a live band until midnight, with a nice atmosphere, good dancing, and a great bar. Stay classic though, don’t go on crazy cocktails.

Indie Mountain

Indie Mountain is for dinner on the first floor with a big party, but my favorite place is the Bar on the ground floor. Just have a drink, enjoy the talk with the Bartender, or sit at one of the nice tables with friends, The music is not too loud, and you can have a good conversation.

Rooftop Bar Soleil d’Or

Rooftop Bar Soleil d’Or with great cocktails & homemade gorgeous snacks, the place is cozy, with the sound of the water thanks to the fountain in the middle of the room.

Where to Stay

Four Seasons Hotel Megève

Four Seasons Hotel Megève is owned by the Rothschild Family, this is the most luxurious hotel in town. 55 rooms on the Mont d’Arbois offering a scenic view on both sides. Equipped with a magnificent Spa (indoor & outdoor pool), two restaurants & one bar, the hotel is kids & pet friendly, with all the facilities needed (kids club, teen zone). The big plus, a ski lift is dedicated to the Hotel to directly reach the Mont d’Arbois slopes. All standards from 5+ Stars Hotel will be met of course. Ask Baptiste at the Conciergerie for the perfect tips & experience in the surroundings.

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Les Fermes de Marie

Les Fermes de Marie is an institution here. Owned by the Sibuet Family, Les Fermes de Marie has been there since we can remember. Authentic, it feels like being in another village, where different Chalets are hosting families, that can become friends. Family-friendly, with a half pension, and a great Spa, you’ll rest for sure.

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L’Alpaga is belonging to the Beaumier Collection, the hotel is on the other side of the valley, at the beginning of the Vale of Arly. The sun is shining over the different Chalets all day long, and the comfiness of the location will make you feel at home. Once there, you don’t want to move anymore.

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Zannier Hotels Le Chalet

Zannier Hotels Le Chalet is the “modern mountain”. Minimalistic, a bit ethnic, you’ll find a real soul in the place. The lobby with its little bar (filled with cool products) & its terrace, the spa & the restaurant in the underground. Organized with two different buildings, this is a secret gem, one of the top luxurious hotels of the resort.

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What to Do

  • Skiing: For the ones who want a bit of sensation, head in direction of Saint Gervais, you’ll find there the steepest slopes. For a relaxed moment facing the Mont Blanc, change sides and head to Combloux.

  • Flying experience: On a sunny day, meet the team of the Megève Altiport for a fly above the Mont Blanc. It’s located on Mont d’Arbois, direction Côte 2000.

  • Ice skating: In the center of Megève, find the outdoor skating rink, and have a Glue Wine while the kids are having fun, or have fun after a Glue Wine.

  • Cross-country skiing: A huge range of slopes has been developed within the last few years. It’s a great way to sweat it all off!

  • Spas: Also part of the activities. From Four Seasons Hotel to Fermes de Marie, many options are available (Four Seasons being the best in my opinion). Do not forget to book in advance!

  • Thermal Water: In Saint Gervais, you’ll find a different way to relax, or heal, through the clear water of the Thermes.

Where to Shop


Scarlett is the best Bookstore in town, where you’ll find many art pieces as well. It is made with style, and everything is to sell!


BIG BOSS is in different locations in town, these clothing shops will offer a great style in general.

Guilhem Goldsmith

Guilhem Goldsmith has uncommon pieces, a great collection, and on-demand products, he is the one that can find you anything you want, depending on your budget of course.

L’Epicerie des Fermes de Mari

L’Epicerie des Fermes de Marie will cost you a bit, but in the end, good products will always be! A fine collection of wines & champagne in the cellar

Hidden Gems

  • Wine Cellar Dinner: The Heart of Four Seasons Hotel. Enjoy a gastronomic experience in the finest Cellar of the Alps. Up to 8 people can seat around the glass table, amongst 1869 Château Lafitte Rothschild & Domaine de la Romanée Conti's latest release.

  • Hit the waterfalls of the Calvaire along a stunning walk.

  • Cave Collections: Find gems in the Wine Cellar of Combloux, from great Burgundy to fine Champagne, alongside good local wines.


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