Alpine News From February 8th

Alpine News From February 8th

Alpine News is a weekly new edition to the 84 Rooms newsletter during winter season. Our top 6 of the week from hotel openings, product collaborations, recipes, pop-ups, snow reports, and more. Everything you need to know in The Alps, all curated in the 84 Rooms lens.

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The New Train Route

Switzerland’s Most Scenic Railway Just Got a Serious Glow-Up.

The stunning route from Montreux to Interlaken now features new trains – and a non-stop service. The Panoramic Express is a part of the famous Golden Pass Line from Montreux to Lucerne. The elegant trains take passengers from the banks of Lake Geneva via the famous resort town of Gstaad to Interlaken in the Bernese Alps.

The Store to Stop by

EnSoie in Zurich. Perhaps the coolest concept store in all of Switzerland. More in our Zurich Insider Guide.

The Event to Don’t Miss

White Turf

In 2023, noble thoroughbreds from all parts of Europe and international jockeys, as well as a fantastic accompanying program, once again enthrill guests from around the world on the frozen lake of St. Moritz.


12th & 19th of February

The Dish of the Week

Gitti’s fabulous Kaiserschmarrn at Schmelzhof Lech.

The Winter Sport of the Week

Cross-Country Skiing is the Hottest Sport of the Season.


  • Classic XC: If you truly are a beginner, and not a downhill skier, the best way to get going is on classic touring skis. These skis are very stable, perform well, are price-efficient, and last many years.
  • Skate XC: If you already are a skier and are looking for a new challenge, skate skiing may be more your speed. These skis are light, fast, and conducive to a better workout. Skate skis move best when on a groomed "corduroy" surface, using a motion downhill skiers will be familiar with.

The Wine of the Week

Alois Lageder

KRAFUSS, Pinot Noir, 2019

The Alois Lageder winery in Alto Adige comprises fifty-five hectares of the family's vineyards, which are managed based on biodynamic principles. Their holistic approach is reflected in our wine-growing activities, our long-standing relationships with numerous grape growers, and our ambition to create awareness for agriculture that is in tune with nature.