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  • 10 spacious suites, all individually designed.
  • All rooms feature flatscreen TV, minibar with complimentary drinks, luxury bath products, king-sized bed, free WiFi, and AC.

What's the Story

  • Velona’s Jungle is a designer oasis where many of the elegant objets d' art and furnishings date from the mid-century, when the family's patriarch Pasquale Velona - a respected Florentine art dealer - began collecting pieces during his travels in Italy and abroad. His fabulous finds from trips through Florence, Rome, Naples, London, Paris, and Vienna in the 1950's were paired exquisitely with the prestigious antique and period furnishings from his gallery, creating a one-of-a-kind home. Veronica and her mother Serena added to the original collection, carefully selecting works by contemporary artists, fabrics and decorative accents by favorite designers, and choice books and sculptures. Each was chosen with the same care and passion as the grandfather and together created the eclectic whole that is now Velona's Jungle.


  • At Velonas Jungle, they feature locally-sourced, organic 100% vegetarian products, recycle, encourage guests to discover Florence by foot or bike and the surrounding region of Tuscany by train, and recommend shops, markets, and boutiques which carry local gourmet and artisan products and vintage treasures.

Tuscan Breakfast

  • Veronica prepares her delicious A La Carte breakfast every morning. The breakfast menu includes several delicious homemade selections, including freshly-mixed muesli, fruit juices and smoothies, organic jams, tarts and cakes, cookies, and traditional Tuscan breakfast dishes.


  • Flamboyant elegance.


  • Rates start at EUR. 240 per night.
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Local Guide

Veronica's Florence Guide

  • Have lunch at the typical Trattoria Baldini where you can still experience the old atmosphere of the district where her grandparents used to live.
  • Breathe the perfumes of the bakeries and patisseries of Borgo Ognissanti and choose every time a different one for a snack.
  • Walk by the river and reach the beautiful Bardini Gardens to see the most stunning view of Florence from above.
  • You can explore new objects from the collection at Donata Patrussi’s boutique.
  • Have dinner at Casa Ciabattini and enjoy the very best wine chosen by the sommelier Emanuele.

The 84 Rooms Guide to Florence

  • Trattoria Sostanza, Via del Porcellana, 25/R
  • Santo Bevitore, Via di Santo Spirito, 64
  • Trattoria Camillo, Borgo S. Jacopo, 57
  • For Aperitivo: Harry's Bar, Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci, 22/R
  • More recommendations in our Florence Insider Guide

How to Get There

  • Fly into Florence International airport. The hotel is a 20 minutes taxi ride.
  • The train station Firenze S.M.N. is just a few minutes walk.
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