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  • There are 11 sanctuaries & suites across Sterrokopje farm: each a private retreat with one-of-a-kind art, handcrafted furniture, and a rich tapestry of colors and texture, cultures, and stories. Everything in each sanctuary has been curated to foster deep restorative sleep and inspire contemplation and creativity.

  • The Atelier is a safe space to amuse or uncover your inner muse: paint, draw, mold, press, or make — allow the power of creativity to heal and energize you.

  • Sterrekopje has always been a warm family home and the historic Main House is the heart of the farm with its cozy kitchen. Previously the cow shed and wine-making barn, it’s a place to come together, eat, read, rest, or just be

Main House

  • Located in the historical Main House, lies the heart of any home, the kitchen. Sterrekopje has always been a warm family home. The original family resided in the manor house, now the Bath House which dates back to 1694. The second family to watch over this land moved into what was previously the cow shed and wine-making barn. They expanded on this building and turned it into the spacious yet intimate main house of the farm. Now it's being used to commune, eats, connect, read, rest, or just be.

The WISE WOMEN Retreat

  • A powerful and nurturing retreat created to build deeper connections with our innate feminine power and Mother Nature. This six-night retreat includes the following rituals: The cleansing ritual, the ritual of touch, breath, ground, grow, sound awakening, the ritual of the heart, the creator within, womb wisdom, the moon ceremony, and the ritual of silence.

The FAMILY Retreat

  • Sterrekopje is a natural playground where everyone—big and small! —is encouraged to explore their curiosity and set their imagination free. Several times a year you can join on the farm for special holiday retreats that bring families together for a week of play, laughter, rest, and affection. Reconnect with your tribe—and yourself—through scavenger hunts and art classes for the children, grounding therapies and movement classes for the parents, and joyful moments of togetherness for all with pizza-making, family yoga, and nature walks. Family Retreat is a 6-night stay.


  • Rates start at ZAR. 12,250 per night. There is a min. stay of two nights.
Local Guide

Local Restaurants

  • Chefs Warehouse at Maison: David Schneider joins Liam Tomlin in transporting Chefs Warehouse’s style of casual fine dining to a refined country setting. Maison, on the edge of the historic village of Franschhoek, offers a contemporary set menu for lunch or dinner. It’s a riff on traditional tasting menus and small-plate sharing experiences, served across four courses.

How to Get There

  • Cape Town Airport (1 hour). You can book a transfer in advance for around ZAR 700 to 1,000.
  • We recommend hiring a car to explore the local area, including those all-important vineyard road trips – there is free parking waiting for you at Sterrekopje Farm.
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