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  • 40 new rooms and suites were created from the former monastery quarters. They extend over three floors, some with impressive heights of up to five metres, unobstructed views, or a private sauna. Featured with oak floors, custom-made four-poster beds, and monochromatic colour palettes.
  • The ground floor is home to the Hortus Suite, the largest of all accommodations with a private sauna, a freestanding bathtub, and a 280-square-meter private garden.
  • In the monastery garden you will find lush vegetation and the light-flooded spa.
  • Heated outdoor pool.
  • Bicycle rental.

Wine & Dine

  • The hotel doesn’t have its own restaurant, guests are invited to dine out and explore the Arco restaurant scene. Whether Michelin-starred dining or an agrichiosco, a wine tasting or a delicious olive oil tasting – as ambassadors of the undiscovered treasures of Lake Garda, Steffi and Manuel encourage guests to discover new things while offering only the best recommendations. To ensure that the hotel provides a fully multisensory experience, the couple also regularly invites chefs from the region over to spoil guests with delicious tastings and refined menus.

  • Breakfast: A feast of freshly and lovingly prepared plates, toppings, Mediterranean focaccia, and fresh egg dishes. The coffee beans come from the village roastery, the crispy bread from a small artisan bakery, and the jam from Steffi's South Tyrolean hometown.

  • Lunch: Guests can order hot and cold dishes from the small but varied lunch menu, which focuses on regional flavours and seasonal produce. Small, delectable pool snacks can also be conveniently ordered from sun loungers via the hotel app. The Monastero Bar is open daily until 8 PM, after which guests can let their imaginations run wild with the finely stocked Honesty Bar.

Wellness & Spa

  • The spa menu features everything from a gentle aroma oil massage and revitalizing dry brush practices inspired by medieval monasteries, to a pomegranate body treatment. The in-house hammam is a place to take the ritual of self-care to the next level. The steam also helps the body and psyche reduce stress and tension, which immediately promotes well-being.

What's the Story

  • Renovating a former monastery? It’s not an easy feat. With the aim of preserving the property’s monumental aura and dimensions, the owner's Manuel and Steffi commissioned the South Tyrolean architectural firm noa* with the sensitive project. After two and a half years of intensive planning, 40 new rooms and suites were created from the former quarters in just ten months.


  • Crisp linens day and night.


  • Starting from 230 EUR per night per room including breakfast.
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Local Guide

Location & Setting

  • Magnificent live groves, rugged rocks, mild temperatures, and splendid mountain lakes. More than 500 years ago, the poet Rainer Maria Rilke and the painter Albrecht Dürer, both of whom visited the spa town of Arco as young men, enjoyed this slice of dolce vita. And even today, the Habsburg family’s small climatic health resort north of Lake Garda attracts numerous visitors from spring to autumn.

  • The old town of Arco itself enchants with picturesque small alleys, magnificent Art Nouveau villas, and cosy cafés and bars that invite you to linger. In short, it’s a feast for the senses.


  • Surrounded by towering rocks, enthusiastic climbers from all over the world meet in Arco to reach new heights. Whether the castle hill with its imposing ruins, Monte Colodri, or Monte Colt – mountain bikers and hikers are sure to get their money’s worth and are rewarded with a unique view of the Sarca Valley during the ascent. And then, of course, there’s Lake Garda itself. Surrounded by palm trees, olive groves, and lemon trees, the postcard-worthy scenery is one of the most popular destinations in the Alps for good reason. Thanks to its numerous winds, it makes an ideal launchpad for surfing and sailing. And for a more relaxing time, exploring the lake by boat trip or swimming along one of the picturesque shores make great options.

When to Go

  • Arco isn’t just a summer destination. Travelers can enjoy the first ice cream already during a mild spring, explore villages far away from the tourist crowds in autumn, and take part in the olive harvest or hike in vineyards while visiting wineries. Culture lovers can admire numerous attractions from spring to autumn: whether the Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta in Arco, the Museo delle Scienze in Trento or the famous Arena di Verona.

How to Get There

  • Nearest airports: Verona (84 km) and Bolzano (90 km) are within easy reach.
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